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Are you open to let the animals in your life guide you back to yourself?

Hello! I'm Hella.


I'm a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, an Intuitive and a Marine Mammal Naturalist. In my educational role as a naturalist I have long used my voice to advocate for those that do not speak our human language.

Intuitive communication with animals adds an incredible extra dimension. It allows the animals to speak for themselves, make their wishes heard and communicate their wisdom and teachings to us. How empowering is this! Are you ready to listen and establish a deeper connection with the animal in your life and with yourself? I can facilitate this for you! 

What I can offer you

Do you talk to animals? Most likely you do. You'll feel a strong connection to them. You see them with love, or with concern or you have questions about how they feel or why they behave the way they do. Maybe at times you'll even feel fear. What if you could truly understand what they have to say to you? Just imagine. Let me support you on the road to a deeper understanding. 

Image by Geran de Klerk
Image by Kevin Mueller
Image by Hannah Troupe

Would you like to understand

why your animal is behaving

a certain way?


Animals will convey their messages to us through their behaviour, as that is the easiest way for them to help us understand them. Behavioural changes from our pets that trigger us, both in a positive or negative way, can help us evolve and in turn create understanding and a deeper connection with our animals. 

Would you like to know how your animal is feeling about changes

in their environment?

Travel, sickness, separation, moving to a new place, creating space in your household for an additional family member. All these changes can cause stress in our lives. Have you ever wondered how your animal feels about these life situations? And how you can help them with an easier transition?

Are you grieving over the loss

of your animal and would

you like to reconnect? 

Emotions of grief and guilt can make it hard to find peace with your animals' passing. Your animals are still an active part of your life, from the other side. They are still with you offering you support and connection. We can revisit them in an animal communication reading.

How people and animals feel after a reading

“Hella immediately and easily connected with Kitty over the phone and was able to right away tap into her energy and mine to see the dynamics.  Everything Hella shared with me felt very accurate and insightful.  She easily answered my questions and helped guide me with some suggestions.  She was able to really share Kittys side of things with me as well as relay a message to Kitty I really wanted to get across but had been not successful on my own.  This brought me great relief as it was a stressful situation.  And after our session Kitty has honored my request that Hella was able to get across.  Hella also shared how I could best communicate with Kitty in the future which was really helpful for me.  

I would highly recommend Hella to anyone who wants to connect deeper with their animal friend and fully trusted her insight and information shared. 💛

Nadine and Kitty

Life is Energy

Everything in nature, including ourselves, is intrinsically connected through energy. Spending time in nature and with animals allows us to slow down and be present in the moment. It will improve our physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Communication and connection with nature brings us back to the essence of life; becoming one with ourselves and everything else around us.  

Unlike us, animals have never lost their connection with nature. They always communicate, between themselves, with their environment and also with us. They are connected on an intuitive level. Us humans have the same ability, but somewhere along the way our brain and the resulting technological development has taken over and most of us have forgotten how to use and trust on our intuition. We can learn to listen again if only we are willing to slow down and draw our energy inwards.

Hella Martens is a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator® through the

Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication.

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