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Frequently asked questions

✦ What is Soul Level Animal Communication? 

Communication with animals happens on an intuitive level. There are many animal communicators who will connect with your pet at what we call the 3D or behavioural level. They are able to assist in finding out what your animal likes to do, to eat, to play with, and so on.


During Soul Level Animal Communication® the animal will often want to go deeper. A reading doesn’t focus on changing the animals’ behaviour, but rather on working on our own, which will often change the interaction between you and your animal and the way they behave as a consequence.

Animals are wise teachers who see you through eyes of unconditional love. They are connected on an intuitive level and know your truth and your potential. A Soul Level reading can help you understand how animal behaviours are really about lessons you came together to learn. You honour your animal with your willingness to work together, and your bond is strengthened in the process.


✦ How do I prepare for a reading?

Plan to be in a space where you’ll be free from distractions. You may want to have pen and paper ready, in case you want to take some notes. Be prepared that sometimes the information I receive from your animal won’t make sense to you immediately, but will often come to you later. Days or even weeks later you’ll suddenly get an epiphany of what they were talking about! You are welcome to record the session if you wish. I may also be able to do this for you.

Also think of a question that you want to ask your animal. Your animal will take it from there!


✦ Do you need information from me beforehand or during the reading itself?


No, I don’t need any information or a photo upfront. I have learned to work with energy. The less information I have about your animal and the issue, the easier it is for me to remain neutral and to know that I receive the information from the animal directly.  So please don’t elaborate on what the problem or the desired outcome is.

Often during the reading people get really excited and start over-sharing as things make sense. Whilst it’s good to let me know that you understand (“that makes sense”, or even just “yes”) try not to explain, but rather, let the animal tell me from their perspective.

✦ What happens during a reading?

An Animal Communication reading doesn't need to happen in-person, but will be scheduled as a Zoom or phone call. Before I call, I will ground myself and manage my energy and turn inwards. To remain connected, I kindly ask to not start with chit chat. We can do this afterwards if wanted and if there’s time.


First, with your permission, I will connect in with you to get a feel for you and your personality (don’t worry, I can’t read your thoughts!).  Connecting with both you and your animal will simply deepen the reading. Then I’ll connect to your animal to get their personality.


If your animal is alive, I’ll do what we call a Body Mapping, where I will ask the animal to show me in my body what it feels like to be in their body. This is not a diagnostic tool. It’s often very subtle and can mostly not be confirmed. Yet it deepens the connection and my understanding of the animal.


You can then ask one question to your animal, so please think of one beforehand. You can ask your animal anything! You might be wondering about a change in behaviour or habit your animal is exhibiting, or you may be curious how they are adapting to a new home or situation. It’s best to ask an open ended question rather than a yes/no question. For example “how does Murphy feel about the cat?” is better than “does Murphy like the cat?” It’s also best not to make assumptions and judgments about what they think or feel. For example, “why does Murphy hate the postman?” is an assumption. He may not dislike the postman himself, but the sound of his bike. So instead we would ask “how does Murphy feel about the postman?”

Don’t worry, I will work with you to get the most out of your question!


Most often the answer of your animal will already lead into the soul lesson they have for you. Through a series of 4 questions, I will find out from your animal what they want you to know and what they are working on with you to help you grow and evolve into the best version of yourself.

✦ How do you receive information from my animal?


Every communicator or healer has their own natural way of best receiving intuitive information. The information I personally receive is often a mix of visual, auditory and most often a feeling or a knowing. It may be symbolic, either something that has meaning to me (in this case I will describe what it represents for me) or have some symbolic meaning for you.


Please know that I’m only the middle man, passing on the information that your animal wants you to know. Often times that information will not make sense to me. So I will check in with you regularly to see if things make sense to you. However if they don’t, that’s okay, please just let me know, so I can check back in with the animal once for clarification.

It’s not my job to interpret the message, as this may alter the message and potentially disrespect the animal. I will describe what I get in ‘raw data’; “I see, I feel, I hear, I have a knowing” and the interpretation is up to you – this is your message.


The animal will only share what they want to share with you, you cannot force them to tell you things, nor can you force them to change their behaviour. Animals have their own thoughts and feelings and their own very particular personalities. There may be a very good reason why they don’t want to address an issue at a particular time. 

What is wonderful though, is that by simply learning their point of view and listening to them, things will often change and your connection is able to deepen.


✦ Can I ask for my friend/my daughter/my husband?


The reading is about the relationship with your animal. Asking about someone else’s relationship takes away from the connection. You can encourage them to do a reading themselves (and you can gift a reading) but remember that this is not for everyone. It’s very hard for people who know the value of this to appreciate that not everyone believes in this wonderful thing that we believe in, but, however tempting, it’s not something you can force onto other people. Please do not buy someone a gift reading unless you are really sure they will appreciate it or it could be a very awkward session for us both!


✦ Can someone else be in the reading with me?


Soul Level Animal Communication deals with your relationship with the animal and the lessons you are working on together. Another person has a different relationship with that animal and different lessons to receive. Therefore a reading is intended for only one person. I am more than happy to do a separate reading at another time for someone else with the same animal. 


✦ Does my animal need to be with me?


If you would like to have your animal at your side during the reading, please do so, as long as they don't form a distraction. Your animal doesn’t have to be present for the reading, as I'm connecting with their energy. For that reason I can connect to animals in spirit as well.


✦ Allow yourself time to process

Take your time in processing the information you received. Often people get very excited during the reading as things make sense and they feel touched or surprised by the information they receive. Sometimes things don’t make sense and that’s okay. Sometimes animals don’t want to talk about certain things or the time is not right. As an Animal Communicator I’m learning to trust on the animal guiding me in this. It’s very important to me to respect their needs and wishes.

If things end up not making sense, give it time, let the information finds its way without trying to force it. You may be surprised at how your animal ends up bringing information and signs across to you when you open up your awareness. Everything is possible! Enjoy the journey. I'll meet you there. ♥

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