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“I had been struggling with a lot of stress in my life for a while when I contacted Hella. My dog Max has always been the one being able to ground me again and bring me back to what's important. I was very curious this time to go deeper.  During the reading Hella checked back in regularly to see if things made sense to me, and oh boy they did! She sketched a really good picture of our personalities and our situation. While deep down I had known already what Max wanted to teach me, because he had communicated it to me before, hearing it confirmed by Hella was another eye opener on the road to self work and creating the best possible life for Max and me. There is an end in sight for my challenging life situation, but until then I will be able to draw a lot of energy from the special reading Hella did for us.”

Britta and Max.


"Thanks to Hella's reading my rescue cat Lilith was able to give me valuable feedback on how she likes to be treated, while comforting me that she loves me. I approach her differently now, keeping in mind the suggestions Hella picked up from Lilith and she is more relaxed and comes to me voluntarily now. I have another cat and even he seems more relaxed after the reading. I feel they really appreciate it that through Hella they were ´read´ and heard."


Moniek and Lilith


"I reached out to Hella as I was struggling to emotionally connect with Juno, our 4 month old pup. The behavioural training I gave our other dog in his younger days didn’t work with Juno. So I wanted to know how he was feeling in our household. Hella knew nothing about any of the behavioural issues before she connected with the both of us. She described our personalities so accurately and the information she received from Juno rang very true to me. All the things he communicated to Hella opened my eyes; it was so fascinating that she really was in touch with our dog. Juno told her the reason for not being connected and what I can do to help establish this between us. His answers gave me a lot to self reflect on. Ever since, Juno and I share a deeper bond and when he responds to me a certain way, I now understand the meaning of his behaviour and how I need to check in with myself first. I’m very thankful to Hella for the reading and I highly recommend her to other people who have an issue with their animal."


Ton and Juno


"Before I met Hella I felt out of balance, had no idea which way to go, felt blocked and I felt that Asfaloth, my soul horse had something important to tell me. Even though I am learning to communicate with animals myself, there was no way I could figure this out on my own. Thankfully Hella crossed my path. It surprised me how well she described Asfaloth's character without knowing him (and without me telling anything about him at all). Even about me she knew exactly who I was without ever telling her anything about me. She cleared the way for me and told me accurately what Asfaloth wanted me to hear and how to continue to work from there. 

After our session I went to visit Asfaloth. What I noticed immediately is how much calmer I was. Less stressed, less thoughts (still present, but not as much as they used to) and I felt a deeper and more open connection with Asfaloth. It felt as that whatever blocked us from growing closer together had been lifted. That we are now able to connect on an even deeper level. Even the herd he lives in and who I work with on a daily basis seems calmer, more connected, open. 

I'm very thankful that Hella crossed our path and helped us move forward."

Yara and Asfaloth

"I’ve recently started soul searching and it’s still a little unsettling to get in touch with the shadow parts of my life. Prior to the reading I was in doubt whether to connect to a living animal or get in touch with my deceased dog. Two days before the reading Spot came to me in a dream in a playful manner and I knew then to allow Hella to connect with him.

I was a little hesitant at first, but the image portrayed by Hella was so sincere and accurate. It’s been a delight to have someone else seeing where I’m at at this point in my life. Spot was his enthusiastic, playful self with a somewhat in your face attitude. He’s been gone for 6 years and it was fascinating to find out he still was so vibrant in showing his personality and for Hella to be talking about his energy.

The session helped me put an end to the painful emotions regarding his death. Even though I know I gave him everything I could, his sudden death left a wound in my soul. It is lovely to have this open wound softened and closing.

The lesson Spot is teaching me is very clear and made me aware again of what is important. He told me I’m well on my way and confirmed my abilities and strengths, even though I don’t always feel this confident yet.

Dear Hella, thank you for this session and your energy. You offer very clear guidance which gives clarity in the flood of emotions that come up during the session. Your communication is sincere, open, straightforward and very calming."

Elise and Spot

Laura en Cara.jpg

"When I got in contact with Hella, I knew nothing about animal communication, but I had always been curious. When I got gifted my mare Cara so she can retire from being a broodmare, it seemed like it would be the perfect time to plan a session and get the most out of building our new relationship. It really amazed me what Hella picked up about both me and my horse. I really liked the way she introduced herself, the flow of the session and her explanation of what she expected of me. Perfect for me as someone who knew nothing, but also very grounding if you feel nervous. Several things she said had me laughing out loud because they were so specific for me or my horse. I found the whole experience heart warming and emotional - I feel more connected to my horse, very proud of her as an individual and our session confirmed to me that the way I'm going about building our relationship is working for us. I've been sharing my experience with friends and would definitely recommend Hella.

I'm already thinking about questions to my horse next time!"

Laura and Cara

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